Fainting goat had a baby............. help !


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Mar 10, 2008
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I thought she was just fat..... LOL. I started thinking she may be as her valva looked larger.... then today - bam, here's a kid... LOL. Any how, the baby is trying to nurse, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of milk come out of the teats. As we were there momma passed the afterbirth, so it must have not been too long ago. Baby girl was dry and momma is licking her etc... I sectioned her off with the baby.
Q: Should momma have more milk or does it take a bit to drop?
How long until I should be concerned?
If she were to have another kid, how much time passes between them?
They are at another property while we are getting this place ready to sell, so i can't keep an eye on her tonight and it's killing me......... ugh.
First, take a deep breath. Second, sell that baby to me.

Ok, seriously. Mom should have colostrum now, not milk. You can try milking her out to make sure there's something there. It will take a couple days before it turns to milk. If the kid is up nursing, running around, and acting healthy then she is probably getting plenty. They usually have all the kids they're going to have within 1/2 an hour (unless they're having trouble). I'm sure she'll be fine.
There probably isn't much milk in her bag, because the baby is drinking all of it. No fear I'm sure they're both fine.

It's never boring at your place is it, chickenzoo?
Well i couldn't stand it, so at ten o'clock at night I went over in the pitch dark to get momma and baby. they are right now in the garage in my X-large dog kennel cage bedded down in hay... hehe. I will keep them here for a few days in the barn until I know the baby is doing good. Seems like mom has milk now and all is well.
Exactly what I would have done! This way you all get a good night's sleep! Well done Chickenzoo
Congrats on the new baby! If she just had a single - encourage the baby to nurse from both sides of mama's udder. It's not unusual for the baby to have a preferred side and then her udder will become lopsided (and engorged, and uncomfortable). Just take baby off the preferred side and offer the other one. After a while, he/she should get the idea.
Just watch to see if the kid is nursing both sides before doing that. Most kids will naturally switch from one side to another. I've never had an issue with a single kid just nursing one side.

Congrats on the new kid! Mama will do most of the work for you, so don't fret.

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