Fair price for Coturnix???


12 Years
Jul 21, 2007
I hatched some Coturnix 4 weeks ago for the first time. I want to keep some, but the rest I'd like to sell. What is a fair price for young unsexed quail? I'm in NJ.
Here's my price list, http://sites.google.com/site/whitehousequail/home/master-price-list-download but there is always different market values for them.

Hope this helps!
Thank you both so much! That does help. Here's another question: I have a variety of colors. Some I can tell by the color of their breast feathers if they are male or female, but others I cannot. Is there any way to sex them if they are very dark or if they are white (or have white chests)?
Also, I have read about the colors, but unless I've missed it somewhere, I can't seem to find the color description with a photo that I can compare mine to so that I can know the names of their different color patterns. I know it has to be somewhere, I just can't find it!

ETA: I don't think they are old enough to vent sex yet. Am I correct?
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You can sex coturnix quail at 3 weeks old. Ive just sold 7 pairs of 3 week old jumbo coturnix quail at £3.00 a pair, (cock&hen) i dunno what that would be in dollars though.
Thanks for all the info and the wonderful web links! How old do they have to be before I am able to vent sex them?

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