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  1. Hello everyone...Been a super busy weekend...
    We were at the fair all weekend...Actually from Wednesday night until Sunday.....

    Went and set everything up on Wed.
    Then Thursday morning was the poultry and rabbit judging....
    Friday we were there all day- stayed for the fireworks friday night...
    Saturday again there ALL day...
    Then Sunday we were finally able to leave around 4:30.....

    Well the girls did wonderfully for what they had brought and shown....

    Emma who is a Cloverbud was able to bring in 5 non animal projects....
    She brought for her arts and crafts projects......
    ~a ceramic basket she made,
    ~a house plant she planted in school,
    ~ a plaster mold she painted and put colored sand on,
    ~a photo collage of 4 different pictures (all of our animals), and
    ~a photo collage of 2 pictures of nature...
    She got 5 green ribbons for her projects...(Cloverbuds only get the green ribbons)...She is so very excited about them..Has told everyone she has talked to about them....

    Abby took a lot of different arts and crafts along with animals....She did wonderfully....
    Her arts and crafts were................
    ~a plate of rhubarb....she got 3rd place
    ~a drawing/plot of our garden....she got 1st place
    ~a flower arrangement with fresh flowers....3rd place
    ~a 2 page scrapbook display of the same subject...she got 2nd place
    ~a 1 page scrapbook display....she got 1st place
    ~a display of 3-5 black and white pictures...she got 2nd place
    ~an 8x10 enlargement...she got 4th place (because she had the dates on the picture) which we didn't know shouldn't be there...
    ~a 3-5 picture showing action...she got 2nd place
    ~a fancy rabbit buck under 5 pounds under 6 months....she took "Rabbit Stew" her lionhead buck.....she got 1st place
    ~a fancy rabbit doe under 5 pounds under 6 months...she took "Luigi" her lionhead doe.....she got 1st place
    ~a crossbread buck under 6 months....she took "Cow" her 1/2 Flemish Giant....she got 1st
    ~a commerical buck under 6 months...she took "ToTo" her Champagne d'Argent....she got 1st place
    ~an Asiatic variety young pullet...she took "Sandy"her silkie chick.....she got 2nd place
    ~a crossbred variety young cockerel...she took "Rizo" her frizzle chick....she got 1st place
    ~a continental variety young pullet....she took "Frenchie" her salmone favorelle chick...she got 3rd place
    ~a continental variety young cockerel...she took "Danny" her salmone favorelle chick...she got 2nd place
    ~Rabbits she did her showmanship with "ToTo"...she got 3rd place
    ~Chickens/Poultry she did her showmanship with "Danny"...she got 3rd place

    Some of her rabbits and chicks she may have only had a few showing in the same group, or even by herself....
    She didn't care though she had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next fair, let alone next years...She is already trying to think of ideas of what she would like to show....
    I am glad even with having a hard time finding info that they both had a great time and are so excited to do it again.....
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    That's wonderful that she did so very well! [​IMG]
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    Wow, that is so awesome! [​IMG] [​IMG] You will have to have an extra room to display all those ribbons! I'm going to get my grandsons into 4-H next year as Cloverbuds. They will love it.
  4. I will make sure the girls see your replys after they wake up...
    They both did great...No Reserve Championships, or Grand Championships...But that's ok...They still did great...

    This year was a very good learning exsperience. They learned alot at the showings and everything.

    Abby brought the smallest rabbits and chickens...They are going to show at one more small local fair around the end of July beginning of August...We are only doing 2 fairs this year.
    Maybe next year we could do a few more, but holy man does it take a lot out of you...Having to be there 4 days straight...

    Emma is excited to show her projects again...She can't wait..
    I thought she might have been a little nervous when it came time to talk to the judges...BUT she just kept talking and talking and talking...She was very proud of her projects....

    Once I get some pictured downloaded, I will post a few of there projects....
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    That is GREAT!!!!!
    Congratulations to both your girls.

    I was talking to my husband last night about getting our daughter into 4H- I prefer it to the Girl Scouts [​IMG]
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    That is fantastic news! Yayy for you girls and their success!

    I am not a 4H-er (I was in school!) but I entered the local county fair which is nothing more than a medium for 4H-ers to sell their livestock. I was a big outsider to their enteries. A nobody with some jelly. I took me home a 2nd place ribbon! This year I am hoping for 1st place with my secret jelly!
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    Rhett&SarahsMom :

    That is GREAT!!!!!
    Congratulations to both your girls.

    I was talking to my husband last night about getting our daughter into 4H- I prefer it to the Girl Scouts [​IMG]

    Both are great organizations but a bit different, I think one key thing is to figure out if you have a good group in either organization within your area.​
  8. Just thought I would update with another fair the girls did....

    They had the Bloomer Fair this last weekend...We were the only ones there from the 4-H group the girls belong to. Everyone else had went to Dunn Cty Fair...
    They did very well....
    Abby took 6 rabbits, 5 chickens, and 7 arts and crafts..
    Emma took 1 rabbit, 1 chicken, and 5 arts and crafts...

    Abby's results were...
    *Continental Cockerel-1st
    *Continental Pullet-2nd, & 2nd in Showmanship
    *Clean Leg Bantam Cockerel-1st
    *Feathered Leg Bantam Pullet-3rd
    *Crossbred Pullet-2nd
    *Sm. Fancy Buck over 6 mos.-2nd
    *Sm. Fancy Doe over 6 mos.-1st, 1st Championship, & 3rd in Showmanship
    *Sm. Fancy Buck under 6 mos.-1st Blue
    *Commercial Buck 6-8 mos.-1st Blue, 2nd in Championship, & Reserve Grand Champion
    *Commercial Buck under 6 mos.-1st
    *Commercial Doe under 6 mos.-1st
    *Drawing & Paintings-2nd
    *Scrapbook project-2nd
    *5 pics. of same subject-1st
    *5 flash pictures-1st
    *3 action pictures-1st
    *8*10 black & white-2nd

    Emma's Results....
    *English Variety Cockerel-1st Blue
    Sm. Fancy Buck under 6 mos.-3rd
    *Ceramic Basket-3rd
    *4 pictures-1st
    *2 pictures of nature-1st
    *Plaster & Sand project-2nd

    Then there was a thing called "Herdsmanship" that all the kids in the animal buildings were in..There group placed 3rd. I didn't know anything about what this is about because it wasn't at the last fair they were in.

    All in all the girls did excellent.
    They had lots of other wonderful compition in all projects-the arts and crafts, rabbits, and poultry.
    There were many many wonderful projects and animals there this weekend.
    I am very proud of our girls. They are planning on saving there premiums and pooling them together to buy a horse saddle. I told them that is wonderful-but at the preimum rates they would be saving for probably longer than the horse will live..hahaahah I am not complaining about the premiums, I just didn't want them getting there hopes up in getting the saddle soon if that's the only money they planned on using to pay for the saddle...

    I think the girls really enjoyed the fair (4-H exsperience). They can't wait for next year now. I am so glad they liked it, I am also glad it's over though as 4-5 days at a fair is just way to many days.
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  9. Wow Congratulations are in order! That's quite a list there!

    We are in the process of our first 4H Show/County Fair and our daughter submitted for their approval 2 of our 10 week old buff orpington cockerels. They have to stay at the poultry barn onsite with the rest of the contestants for a week before we can retreive them, judging is on Thursday and no one is allowed to be there, which I thought odd.

    Well thanks for sharing! Oh, a saddle with their premiums? Thats interesting, our premiums are $1, $2 & $3 [​IMG] maybe if we entered alot of different birds we could buy a chicken saddle [​IMG]

    Congrats to your family again! [​IMG]
  10. Quote:First THANK YOU!!!
    This is Abby and Emma's 1st year in 4-H. It was only there 2nd fair. Small little local/town fairs. We didn't do the bigger county fair.
    Abby's chickens were only 2 1/2 months old...Most other birds were 5-11 months old. So she had the YOUNGEST birds there.
    As for there premiums...there's are only $1, $2 and $3 also. That's why I told them they would probably be saving up for the saddle longer than the horse would be alive..haahahha

    Good Luck to your daughter with her birds. Have to keep updated on how she does...

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