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Jun 11, 2009
So, we are going to have a busy next few days, We are doing a date night, (hubby and me) friday night, wine tasting. very exciting. Then saturday night, well its new years eve!! My husbands really good friend throwing a big party. (minus any kids). I know its going to be some drinking. His friend made home made beer for this. Well heres our problem. no babysitter. Everyone and i mean everyone we know are going out and busy. Heck its new years eve right? Well should we go anyways and bring along our kids. (his friend really wants us to come and join them, and said it was fine to bring the kiddos) but I just dont know. there wont be any kids there for mine to play with. I dont plan on drinking nor would my hubby (maybe 1 beer if that).
I just have a vision in my mind.....(our kids looking around at adults drinking)).
So I kinda know my answer. dont go. But part of me, says, go for an hour or two thats all. And we could be home before midnight!!! What are your thoughts? Btw: The place its at is 1 hour and half away from us. So We are looking at 4 hours of driving. Sigh.
4 hours of driving doesn't seem like to much fun for a few hours of a visit. I was originally going to say- just make an appearance even if its before mid night, just stop in and say hi. But for 4 hours is it really worth it (time and gas). Maybe you can get a hotel room closer?? Decisions... decisions...
Are the kids normally up that late at night? I can't imagine you would get very nice looks from the drunken party-goers if you bring your kids in at 11 pm. I am very uncomfortable drinking around children and even more uncomfortable when I see a parent bring their kids out late at night just to go to a party.
Also, does his company condone him using their gas and money to go to a party? Seems a bit unethical.
....... why? sorry.... business mind kicking in.

I wouldn't go, just for that. Spend it with the kids, they'd be bored out of their minds if you took them.
no the company doesnt mind. Its a family owned company and my husband is the manager. Only management gets cars to use. I would not plan on being there at 11pm. My kids stay up till around 9 or 10 ish. If its a school night, a bit earlier. Thats the thing too, I dont want anybody uncomfortable seeing 2 kids there. I dunno.
These are both hubbys and mine friends (4got to mention) so some of them, havent seen our 2 kids in a few years. These are responsible people with kids of their own. But they found sitters.
Ask your friends what sitters they found and see if they would mind you dropping your kids off to for them to watch untill after the party. That way you do not have to bring your kids to the party and both you and your husband can go to it. I dont think beinging a kid to any party with drinking is a good idea but that is JMO.
If gas isn't an issue and you guys don't mind driving 4 hours and can keep the kids occupied for the drive there (Im sure coming home they would sleep). I would stop in at the begining of the party and say hi. Most parties I have been to- the majority of the drinkers don't show up until later anyways. Hopefully there wouldn't be a lot of partying and craziness going on early; if there is- I can only imagine what it would be like at mid night.
I was thinking we could show up earlier. Its supposed to start at 7pm. Even thats late. There wont be craziness beer drinkers but.. theres always one in the crowd ya know.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there is no harm in taking your kids to a party where there will be drinking. If you trust the people throwing the party and don't expect drunken debauchery, kids should be okay. This is sort of dependent on the age of the kids, but I think that kids learn by example. If you can go out with friends, have a good time, drink, act responsibly and drive home sober, your kids learn that it can be done.

Plenty of picnics, birthday parties, game days and other events involve drinking. I don't think the drinking is the key issue here. There are issues, though.

If it is a party just for adults, and your kids will be the only ones there, it may not be fair to the kids, the other party goers and the hosts to have the kids there. The host have to find things for the kids to do, the party goers have to match language and behavior to kid appropriate levels and the kids will be bored with no one their age there. I've been in situations with friends who allow their kids to hang out with adults when there are kid activities. These same parents get annoyed when the adult conversation touches on adult topics. If you don't want your young children exposed to adult conversations, maybe they don't belong in the situation.

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