Family member on nerve! Here's another one.

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Ol'FashionHen, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Oct 24, 2008
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    Talk about a nerve, My sister and I are 1 year a 1 day apart, people used to ask us if we were twins when we were young. We have always been close, not as much in the past few years because of work, her moving etc., but still talk often anyhoo she had this boyfriend one time [​IMG] I just didn't care for him from the get go ( you know the kind ) just something about him I did not trust. My instinct was soo right. My sister is a single mom of three, always works, not on any assistance, no, her ex would not even pay her child support, had her own home ,car etc. Well corn dog we'll call him him winds up being a pill popping drug addict, steals money from her bank account several times, hides his pill stash in her shed and so on. There was one time she didn't have the money to buy the kids school clothes and supplies because he somehow was able to take all the money out of her account again(you know he's one of those I'll do better honey,those type do not go over well with me anyway-full of bologna). I tried to get my sister to throw him out, but I believe she was scared of him. Well I was'nt [​IMG] , so I took the money I saved for new carpet and bought my neices and nephews the clothes they would need for school. Me and my mom take it to my sister and corn dog is there, we proceed to talk to my sister about the "problem" and I spoke so he could hear me(he was in her room playing the playstation and no he did not have a job) I figured he would come out and defend himself, nothing, so I got mad picked up a soda can and flung it in my sisters room at him :thun, he came out and was all soft spoken and smart talkin like :eek: puuhlease!! How he was gonna get them back on there feet, and I flat out told him I knew he had a problem, you don't steal $400 a day and rip $5000.00 of her tax refund out with nothing to show for it without a problem DUH. I'm ain't skeert of him [​IMG]. My mom said "well I don't hate you" all reasonable like. I said "I DO" and you'd better pack up and leave. Anyway my sis stayed with him for a couple more months after he moved her further away from us because he convinced her we were their problem( now mind you I stay out of my sisters business, until it begins to effect the children then I have a word). She found out different, dumped him, he used to harrass her at work for months after but finally stoped after she was married and he found someone else to manipulate. Sorry so long but hows that for a doozee!
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    Oh man, I hear that. I was pretty naive when I married my first husband, I didnt know he had a twin brother.[​IMG] [​IMG] Luckily he has been out of my life for many years.

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