Fancy Chicken Diapers

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    Beautiful handmade Batik chicken diapers, fully lined with water resistant sports nylon. We stock them in 3 sizes, but can custom make for larger birds. Soft, stretchy straps make for a comfortable fit for many individual shape variations. A Velcro clasp allows for easy on and off. Machine washable, these diapers are both stylish and exceedingly practical and are available in 4 colors shown below. We ship promptly 1st class US mail. For priority shipping, there is an additional charge but we are happy to do it. Discounts available for multiple diaper purchases.

    Extra small- fits tiny bantam breeds such as Seramas and OEGB, even pigeons.
    Small - Silkie Hens, DÂ’uccles, & young layer hens
    Medium- Larger silkies, medium layer breeds (EE, BO, RIR etc)


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