Crossing the Road
May 31, 2018
East, Tawas Michigan
I hatched him and I didnt start with any pure gamecocks. He could be 1/8 though. I don't know what generation he is.

male 1/2 Orpington 1/2 American game
female 1 American game

offspring 1/4 orpington 3/4 game

If I had a fertile male in that group, it could have bred back to the original female and given 1/8 orpington 7/8 game

I'm trying to recall if I had any cock(rell)s around
He could a be 2-3rd generation game back cross. It'll make sense with his appearance.
Like my Jelly Bean. She was back crossed to OEGB, & looks pure, but has a few stray feathers on her legs.

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