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  • Tillie, black_cat's white leghorn

    Votes: 13 16.7%
  • Licorice, ChickForLife's black sex link

    Votes: 7 9.0%
  • Mini, HappyDuckie's OEGB cockerel

    Votes: 25 32.1%
  • Joy, chLcken's Speckled Sussex

    Votes: 16 20.5%
  • Buttercup, Jwehl's Wild Tree Chicken

    Votes: 10 12.8%
  • June Bug, TheOddOneOut's EE

    Votes: 26 33.3%
  • Dino, MysteryChicken's Project Wheaten Crele Orpington

    Votes: 8 10.3%

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Happy is Awesome
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May 21, 2020
she s k r e e m s


Must Hatch Eggs!!!
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Feb 7, 2020
Midwest USA
Thanks. How many birds do you have?
15, but only 5 are laying hens. The rest are young birds and roos.
Yes I’ve had to buy eggs for a while to. Slackers they are, but I’m excited. Hopefully I’ll have some more colors in the nest boxes when I get home :fl
Are you not home? Yeah, I feel so sad when I buy oyster shell for the slacker chickens, and store bought eggs from walmart. Lol
Yeah it’s weird right!
Yes! And annoying, lol.
I stopped getting notifications too! :barnie
I have a bit of an do you politely offer criticism on somebody's chicken setup?
I was at the farm again today and one of the chickens with the feather loss issues was eating feathers off the ground...I suspect for extra protein. This is what caused the impacted crop in Coco (who still isn't back in the coop), and I think that it will be an ongoing problem if something isn't done to correct it. I suspect that the issue may be the feed- it is not a pellet or crumble feed, but it looks like a mixed grain feed (not a scratch mix, just something where all the ingredients aren't smashed together) and I think that they may not be getting enough protein and are picking out only the stuff they like. I'm going to bring some stuff to supplement protein (mealworms, scrambled egg, cat food) tomorrow. How do I bring this up to the people in charge without seeming like a wiseass that's telling them how to run their farm?
I talked to our neighbor about their pony once, they weren't taking very good care of it. I just nicely brought it up. It's hard, but once you jump into it it's not bad at all. I agree though, it sounds like their feed is not good quality.
Dinner was delicious today- I almost lost a finger making it, though :lol: It's a pasta (either penne or spaghetti) with sweet apple chicken sausage, broccoli, onion, and garlic. One of my favorite meals.
I got a beautiful feather today. I keep my feathers behind my phone case for when I go on trips I can look at them and think of my chickens lol. I should’ve kept this one, it’s from my poor quality BR but it’s beautiful! I’m hoping to breed some that have more feathers like this because it’s just beautiful! View attachment 2421653 View attachment 2421654
Wow, that's awesome! What a great idea!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I'm SO behind on this thread! What's going on? How is everyone?
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