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    alfalfa plant grown to feed cattle.
    bale a pressed package of hay.
    barbed sharp, metal points, usually on a fence
    boll seed pod
    branding cattle mark made by burning animal with a hot iron that shows who owns the cattle
    breed a kind of animal or to mate animals
    comb fleshy top piece on the head of a chicken.
    conveyor belt a machine that moves something from one place to another.
    corn husks outer, leafy covering of corn
    cotton swabs small sticks with cotton on the end of them. Q-tips.
    cross-pollinate where the pollen from one flower goes by wind, bees, or other ways to another plant.
    digest after food is eaten, when the body does this, it breaks down food into parts that the body can use.
    embryo a young animal or living thing.
    fowl birds raised for food
    graze to eat what grows on the ground in a pasture or field.
    hen mature female chicken
    herd a bunch of cattle.
    kernel seed
    lacquers a varnish; shiny stuff put on the wood of furniture to protect it
    livestock farm animals raised for use or to sell.
    pasture land used for grazing
    protein extra vitamins and minerals put into animal food.
    pullet female chicken under 1 year old
    reproduce make babies
    rodent a rat, or mouse.
    rayon a kind of clothing material.
    roost place where chickens spend the night; also called a perch
    ruminant any animal that chews something that it has already swallowed.
    selective breeding mating animals so that they produce a baby that has the characteristics that the farmer or rancher wants.
    Tassel silky strands at the top of the corn plant.
    textile woven or knit cloth.
    trough a long, shallow container that holds animal food or water OR a shallow ditch where manure goes before it is taken away.
    wattle fleshy piece on the neck of poultry

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