Fast way to check if whole incubator is dead?


Nov 4, 2017
its day 22.
I think there were some issues with a loose lightbulb a few days before lockdown.
egg colour makes cancelling difficult.
3 chicks hatched more than 24 hr ago
30+ eggs still in there
no pips, no rolling.
ive candled the light ones, and they are dead.
Do I need to do this 30 more times????
is there a fast and effective method?
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so far candled 15...all look like they died around day 15/16. I see veins and a very dark glob but nothing poking into air cell , no movement..


how did 3 hatch then??
how did 3 hatch then??

Maybe they got lucky?

When anything makes the incubator too hot or too cold, it's likely to be worse in some parts of the incubator than other parts. So chicks in one part might do better than the others. Or maybe those particular chicks are just extra-good at living through bad conditions. :idunno
yes, always, and I use two gauges. but if the lightbulb was loose then heat was not on when should've been.

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