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Jan 11, 2007
Bryant Alabama
I wish I had better pictures of my three new Bantam Favs. I have been without Faverolles for about a year and only got these guys last month. It is just a wonderful breed, They are curious and non skittish but my females have never liked to be held. They easy to catch and pick up but they let you know it is not something they like. Mine all have enjoyed chin scratches but preferably from the roost. The males are just as sweet as can be. All of mine have seemed to like to play. They will fly off the ramp and cackle as they are in low flight almost every day. They have been great winter layers here in No. Alabama where we do get many below freezing nights. Mine have rarely gone broody so eggs don't stop for weeks on end. The are good foragers, in fact they tend to be piggies and if there is a worm or grub in the yard, they don't last very long.

I am glad to see this thread because these wonderful birds are on the endangerd breed list and it would be tragic to loose their beauty and wonderful disposition.



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May 30, 2008
Washington State
Quote:They are so addictive sorry you had to sell your flock why did you decide not to breed them anymore. Also cool breed selection pretty much the same breeds I would have if I had enough room

To be very honest with you it was a very hard decision to let go of my Fav's. I had too many breeds and not enough coops at the time and now of course I have built another coop since they left but now it is full of Marans. The cool thing is they went to a BYC'er and my next door neighbor so I can get a start with my original line again anytime. YES THEY ARE ADDICTIVE! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL BIRDS! I cried when they went......I'm such a sap!
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Oct 2, 2008
My gf just told me she wanted chickens. Naturally I suggested Faverolles. I think she needs bantams

First she needs to check her homeowners association rules


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Oct 19, 2009
Culloden, GA
This is the only faverolle that I have. I really like him, but I'm can't find any info about the faverolle genetics. what would I get if I breed him with the 2 ladies in the other pic?



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Oct 2, 2008
Well, each do preform a different valuable service in the garden. The chickens will eat things the ducks wont and they will turn the soil better...LOL


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Mar 25, 2008
This is great news Henry! I am in love with the breed, myself, and this one little cockerel is what did it to me.

Meet George! He is all speckledhen's fault and I have to have more of this breed now!

When Cyn had eggs sent to me this past summer, the lady who sent them to me added some bantam Salmon Favs. to the box. More of them hatched out than the bantam Ameraucana's, which is what I wanted. I got 4 Favs. out of that hatch and one was a pullet. We went camping 4 wks. later and left the chicks, along with the rest of my flock, in my neighbors and BIL's care. When we came home, all had died but George. He cried and cried because he was so lonely.
He quickly became a tag along, as we took him everywhere we went in the yard with us to keep him company. Anyhow, we have fallen in love with this fellow and I have to have more! I just put 4 eggs that have developed on lockdown and they are due to hatch on Friday. Fingers crossed, I will have some company for my little man soon!

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