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Aug 14, 2009
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kindred spirits!!!
DS and I fell in love with bantam Salmon Favs at a big show several years ago, and while looking for them I found BYC, and Barnevelders, of which we bought 6. I finally found some Standard Salmon Faverolle eggs in August. 6 of 15 eggs hatched, by two banty broodies, one of whom had 2 others trying to take over her nest the first week.
One chick stopped growing at 5 days, but ran around with the others just fine; on day 10 he didn't wake up. At 2 weeks their colors began to look like 3 pullets, a roo, and a mystery (a lovely cinnamon but not clear roo or pullet).
The cockerel met with a sad end two nights ago when an older cockerel attacked him and excited the dog, who grabbed him for just a sec, and broke his poor neck. He died fast.
We're still in shock. We've been offered a Bantam Salmon Fav roo.

Has anyone crossed LF and Bantam Favs? I will let him be with them but I don't plan to hatch their eggs 'til I hear back from y'all.


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Jun 6, 2009
I have a few of them too. But they are young still. I fell in love with the Roos and wanted to give him a family. So I think I have 5 roos and 5 girls. They are pretty shy and like to blend in rather than be noticed so it isn't easy to get pics.


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Apr 9, 2009
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You will ADORE your new additions! I have a few from Nikki, and they are wonderful. My favorite is a blue roo... His name is Peep-eep, and he decided I was his mom early on. I can call his name and he'll come running, I will pick him up, carry him around, and he falls asleep. Peep just makes me melt
He also tries to follow me in the house, but since that is a no no, he will stand outside the door in the porch, and just be like
I'm right here!! I also have a LF salmon Fav... Her name is Sammy... Poor girl was quite sad looking when I got her, but she is big and beautiful now!

Here's Peep



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Oct 5, 2007
I just had this conversation with my Mom:

Mom- "after you visit dickinson you will go get these two chickens with Dad right?"
Me- "well its more then two more like eight"
Mom- "HENRY! You promised it wouldn't make the chicken stuff more complicated"
Me- "well there awsome and only half the size of normal LF and I am selling 5 LF so it counts as me getting rid of two chickens"
Mom- "well Im glad you see it that way. your going to have to get up earlier before school good night oh and you owe me $24 dollars for feed" ( I payed her)

So it goes I clearly told her I was getting a "flock" of little chickens. She doesn't ask for details when I tell her things so I just choose not to share the details. DON'T worry she loves the chickens and is fine with me getting these trust me I wouldn't be getting them is she wasn't. I pay for everything chicken with my own funds and I have a good job even while I am still in school. I just think its funny when she has these little chicken freak out moments and I just wanted to share them with a few people who understand ha ha.


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Henry... my wife has been having those chicken freak out moments lately... like when she saw how huge our partridge cochin roo is.... she said, That thing is bigger than a dog!

She then added, "You've gone chicken insane".

Maybe she'll have me committed.

Do you think I can take my BW Ameraucanas with me?


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Oct 5, 2007
Quote:I can just imagine during outdoor time at the asylum you slip away and feed, water, collect eggs, and spend some quality chicken time.

The only way I got away with these Faverolles is saying well these are the little chickens that you will keep when I go to college trust me you will love them! (I will either take the chickens with me or she will keep all 22 of them
) It sounds like Hampshire and Dickinson my top two choices probably will let me bring the flock because they have really beautiful on campus organic farms.

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