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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by chickens112, Apr 4, 2009.

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    I have four separated groups of chickens. For some reason atleast one in each group likes to pick feathers off the others. Now two of my rooster have lost all of their shiney feathers and two others have just started to be picked. I want it to stop! I have tried feeding them BOSS but it has not helped. I dont know what else to do. Is there anything else I could feed or or what? Thanks
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    Try giving them some extra protein in their diet.

    We give our flock all of our left over meat scraps which includes cooked beef, pork, chicken, turkey and any fish. I also usually scramble them up a mess of eggs every now and then.

    I feed this later in the day to insure that they've eaten their pelleted feed first.

    Hope this is some help!

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    Do you have enough space? Feather picking can be from boredom as well as lack of protein.

    When I want to up the protein with my chooks, I give them liver. I think it's disgusting, but they seem to like it. Don't go overboard - you don't want to upset the vitamin/mineral balance of their layer feed.

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