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    So I think one of my 6 weekish old chicks may have a cold/sinus or respiratory infection. it’s a little silkie who has been being bullied by the other chicks they have pulled most of his feathers out except tail, head, wings, and a few other random spots back belly and breast are all skin but no sores or wounds. Well I brought him inside today because he was freezing its really cold here and he’s practically featherless and is not allowed under the heat lamp by the others. Anyway I noticed he has crusty boogers on his nostrils his breathing is a little bubbly sounding at times and he’s stretching his neck and yawning a lot, he also is snapping his beak shut and making a clicking sound when he does it. My thought is he got chilled because he has no feathers and then caught cold/got sick, what can I give him and how much.

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    Poor thing. You could give it some Duramayacin in his drinking water--a 2 tsps per gallon of water. I use a milk jug, and mix that up and keep it in the fridge. Also you could put some vitamins/electrolites in it's drinking water. Now, chicks need alot of protein to grow new feathers, so maybe you could boil some eggs, and feed the chick some chopped up egg yolk. They usually like that.

    Of course you already know to keep him warm and cozy in the house. I've had chickens get a cold like this twice--one last year and one this year. I run a vaporizer on them with Vicks too. It makes their breathing more comfortable.

    Hope the little chick recovers!
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    You can do a search on here for gapeworm. If your silkie is yawning a lot- that is concerning. They can suffocate from it. It is treatable. I don't have experience with it, and so I don't know if this is what is happening or not.

    The other poster gave you good advice (except I don't know duramycin dosage off the top of my head).

    Silkies can get brain damage or die from pecks to the head. They have a soft spot like a baby on their heads. Hopefully the situation gets better!!!

    Here is a website with GRAPHIC pics of silkie skulls if you are interested:

    And here is additional info on silkies:

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