feathers on hens back are missing??


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Mar 16, 2007
The feathers on the back of one of my auracanas is missing. She has a bald spot right where her back feathers meet her tail feathers.

Is there anything wrong with her? I thought it might be where my rooster mounts her with his feet, but none of my other hens look like this.
I have a few hens that look like that - and a few with broken tail feathers - but I have one poor hen that looks worse than rest - she is the roosters fav girl LOL

your girl might just be the one he likes best

I must have a gentle rooster, none of my hens have missing feathers, and I know he's breeding. He's Americauna, and I hatched a red sexlink egg, it's the cutest chick.


You have a rooster who is not being a gentleman, and she is his favorite girl. Keep a close eye on her now that the feathers are gone - a roo can rip right through the skin if he is too aggressive.
If it continues she may have to wear a little apron/saddle to protect her. There are several folks on here who make and sell them.
that is so true,I had some of my young pullets out today and the bigger chickens were way in back,I ran in the house for a minute and came back out and one of the big roos had a pullet by the neck and tore the skin almost all the way around,poor girl dont know if she is going to make it, makes me so mad,all my fault I shouldnt have taken my eyes off them
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