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13 Years
Apr 28, 2008
Bucksport, ME
I am so fed up with our neighbor out back! Since the guy moved in, he's been nothing but trouble. The latest crime...tonight, he had a fire going out back of his house (aprox. 1/4 mile), and he had a huge tractor tire in the middle of it! I called the local public safety dispatch and reported that when I let my dog out, I smelled burning rubber and my neighbor had a fire going. When I went into the house, I got my binoculars out and confirmed my suspicion! Well, the Fire dept showed up, along with a police cruiser....and they just left a few minutes ago. My wife, poor thing, suffers from asthma, and just breathing that in from the walk from her car into the house, sent her into an asthma attack. I gave her inhaler to her, and she also needed an albuterol nebulizer. After DW was stable, I went out and checked the chickens who were all sound asleep, roosting in their coop. I'll be keeping an eye out, though, because they were exposed to that for who knows how long!
This is just one incident in a whole line of things. Mostly his lack of livestock management as he's allowed his Highlander cattle (small herd of about 15) to roam off his property because he won't put a decent fence up. He's got rebar stakes with two strands of electric fencing, but he claims (when I complained that it wasn't working and proved it by touching it) that someone was messing with his fence and grounding it out. He grounded it out himself when he wrapped the wire around the plastic holder and then around the rebar as a fix for a spot his cattle broke through. Last summer, they came onto my property, and decimated my garden! At least it was the end of summer and I'd harvested most everything....except for my pumpkins!

Heck, the day he showed up, I went out to be neighborly because I'd seen him looking at property lines, so I brought my own list of property pin locations and showed him.....then later that day, he tried moving one of my pins 3 feet back so that he could "take" the hand-dug well that was in that corner.
So, I hope my chickens don't suffer from this incident. I think the wind was blowing hard enough.
What are some signs I should look for? I would guess trouble breathing...but not sure what else. I'll see what I can find online.
Fortunately, the guy has been foreclosed and should be evicted soon.
Thank you, NW. It seems that everyone here is fine. Wife went to bed with a terrible headache from the Albuterol (she kept saying "I hate albuterol")....but she seems fine this morning. Went and opened the chicken enclosure door this morning to let them out....everyone appears normal.
You can sue him for affecting your DW's health. Keep track of her asthma episodes and if possible call your local clinic each and every time she has one due to the burning issue.

Keep on him; you may just drive him out!
We had a neighbor like that. We were soooooooooo glad to move away from them it was unreal. When we lived there, we had the land surveyed because we were going to put on an addtion. The guy swore up and down that he knew the property lines and claimed part of our property was his. And even after it was surveyed, the guy moved the survey markers at the back ot the property to get more land for himself. What a low life!
Well, it appears that something's going on back there, b/c he's moving his entire herd of cattle somewhere. Put a bunch of 'em in the back of a horse trailer, and been making trips back and forth. Yay! I think he's finally leaving! Thank heavens!!
I wonder if the town can evict him? hmm....
I hear you on neighbors...the best neighbors are usually 3 miles down the road..does your animal control take care of the cattle problem?...LOL.....Our neighbor shoots our dogs with BB guns, jumps our fence to steal jinsing, shoots a gun out his back door while my kids are playing down range in our back yard....(called the cops on that one) and a few other great neighbor like things.....Oh, he just got out of drug rehab.
Yeah for you! I've an idiot neighbor that I had a huge incident with last night over his dog attacking my chicks....(posted it under Pest & Predators). It's so frustrating! Good news for you though!
Let me play the DEVIL'S Advocate for just a minute.

Are you the one in the hood that watches every move, every nieghbor makes?

It is real hard to move into a nieghborhood, do your own thing and make all the established residents happy.

I am sure that if you were the new nieghbor, you would know just what you are suppose to do, know what nieghbors suffer from health problems, what those problems were. Where all the boundaries are, able to instantly recognise and respect those boundaries. Know that burning debry is either against the law or going to pee off the nieghbors. I mean, you would think at a range of 1320' (1/4 mile) you could have a fire. I would think at 1320' it would be hard for your nieghbors to even see what you were burning. Instantly move your entire herd, lock, stock and barrel and not have one momments trouble with stock that are also unfamiliar with the area. Get everything fenced off correctly without an error, or hopefully have a nieghbor tell you what you are doing wrong. I am sure you would appreciate the constabulatory being notified any time you got a little confused or zigged when you should have zagged.

And then when it all comes crumbling down, have those same established nieghbors watch you make multiple trips back and forth, triumphing in their superiority----- from a range of 1320'.


I don't see a problem being the new guy!
I have no problem with being the new guy....I tried to help the new guy...who threw it back in my face with vulgarity! Also, I'm not the only neighbor who's complained about his cattle, or his dogs....who trash other people's properties, and attack their animals.
OH....I forgot to tell you about that one. He got fined for having dogs at large when I'd called to complain about when his cattle destroyed my garden....I happened to be out in my yard, talking on the phone with the police dispatcher when his dog came onto our property and tried to attack our chickens!! It was recorded on the dispatch tape! Then a month after that incident, I let my dog out to go to the bathroom (she's an indoor dog only...barks as soon as she's done and ready to come inside...even on the most pristine summer day!!)...and his two dogs came over and attacked her, while she was on her 20' lead which is attached to a stake in the ground! I had to take my dog to the vets, get an entire workup done....and come to find out that he'd never registered his dogs with the town, and they didn't know if the dogs were up to date on their rabies vaccinations! (later found out, they were 2 months shy of needing to next vaccination).
And one more thing to nail the coffin shut: His mother, has an upcoming trial date for embezzlement while she worked in the town office!! "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
I don't trust him as far as I could throw him! Having a neighbor like him, with the type of associations he has....I feel confident that I'm getting my money's worth out of my ADT security system!
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