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    May 31, 2010
    Hello Everyone! Since we are new to this I was hoping to get some ideas on this one.Our babies were 3 days old when we got them they are now 13weeks old.We were told that they should start laying sometime in Aug.Now We have had them on medicated feed since we got them.We are almost out of the feed and I need answers on what to give them next? If they are suppose to start laying next month should I go to the layer feed now or should I give them something else first.I mean I don't want to buy one kind of feed now and then have to change them again in a month.Your help will be greatly appreciated..
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    Your next bag o' feed should be grower/finisher, or FlockRaiser or its equivalent: all purpose feed, NOT chick start OR layer feed. Don't worry about having a lot left over when they start to lay, because then all you have to buy is oyster shell. Offer that free choice (I use an empty tuna can nailed to an inside coop wall, filled with oyster shell bits) and when you run out of grower feed, go ahead and buy your layer feed.

    OR you can continue to feed the all purpose feed and just keep oyster shell available. That's what I, and many others, do for our flocks.

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