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I have 25 CX arriving in mid April and I went to go price feed. They changed feed to only having 22% protein medicated quail feed instead of 22% protein non medicated turkey feed. I asked them want was the antibiotic and they said it is in the intestines and it will never reach the meat. Is this ok?

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First or all cocidiastats are not antibiotics.

They have quail feed but not chick starter? Odd.
Just follow the directions on the feed bag.
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Well in the past I used gamebird starter which is 28% non medicated and it worked well. They stopped carrying that. They only have non medicated chick starter with 21% protein. Should I just feed them that for 8 weeks?

You may also wish to post your concern in the Quail thread. There will probably more people there who are aware of your quail's dietary needs, and you might get some better answers.

I would help you out if I could, but I know absolutely nothing about quail or their dietary needs.

Best of luck to you!
You have 25 Cornish cross meat chicks coming. The feed store only has 2 feed choices for them, which are not what you previously used. 21% non-medicated chick starter or 22% medicated quail starter. You want to know if the quail feed that's medicated it a safe choice and which one to get, right?

I think you could use either one. Usually the medicated chick feeds have amprolin to prevent coccidiosis, not an antibiotic. I think you could switch to something else after the first bag is gone, without a problem.
I'm not raising quail I'm raising Cornish X. I don't mind the initial medicated feed but what I'm asking is if the 22%Medicated Grower is all right to start feeding after a week or 2


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