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  1. Barred Rocks forever

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    Aug 9, 2009
    im wondering how u guys get these arranged beacuse i would love to do ones of these someday
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    Feb 13, 2008
    Northern Maine
    My friend and I approached a local feed store, told them about the whole chickenstock/chicken swap concept, and asked if they'd be interested in letting us hold one at their place. We put up posters around town, got in touch with folks we knew, and advertised on Craigslist. First one last year was ok- small turnout, but we got the word out.

    We did one at place A, it was ok,but they sort of put us over in a corner and told us not to get in the way. Didn't encourage us to have another one, just said "yeah, maybe later this summer."

    Place B, who had just started selling feed last summer, called us, and asked if we'd hold one there. And we did. And they put an ad in the paper for US. They also put a $1.00 off coupon on all feed bought that day. And told their customers, and called their friends. And served coffee and bought doughnuts. And gave us 4 bags of feed for door prizes. We did 2 more there. They kept advertising!!

    Now, we pretty much can have them anytime at place B. They bought a tent for us to sit under ( the coordinators, and the rafflers). And we have more space on the 'other side' of their building-- a whole big lawn area with lots of parking. And they still advertise, make coffee and serve donuts, give us door prizes-- and help with set up and take down. And visit with everyone who comes.

    We do our part by trying to bring more people in every time, being "good" swappers, and encourage a family-friendly environment. The first one we had this year was so much fun!! Although some people come, sell what they have, or buy what they want, then leave-- others "set up shop" and hang out the whole time ( 4 hours) visiting,meeting people,sharing ideas an stories. The kids are the best!!! This past swap we had a young girl selling her bunnies, and others selling chicks. And some very knowledgeable kids who wanted to add "just the right chick" to their flock. There were goats, and chickens, and turkeys, and bunnies; plants, supplies, etc. And kids running around the whole day walking their new goats, or holding young chickens and playing with each other. At one point, one mother was looking for her youngest son-- shortly to be found with 2 other boys, sitting in the covered goat pen with all the young "kids"... It was cute--- I have a picture I've got to post soon!!!

    So-- go for it on your own, or with a friend-- and go find that special place that wants you there!!! We aren't planning our next one til August, due to scheduling conflicts-- but we are getting a ton of requests to do one sooner! It's lots of fun!

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