feeders or not?


Feb 22, 2008
Kingman, AZ
Iv'e always just scattered the food for adult chickens on the ground, in several places to reduce the competition & pecking, rather than use a feeder. So far, everything has been OK. With what I am reading here about feeders, I'm wondering if that I am setting myself up for problems, or if I should go with the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." philosophy.

A little more info that may help: I'm in northwestern AZ, not much rain, temps seldom lower than mid 20's and the chickens have free access to a run that gives them each about 100sq. ft. In the summer heat, I make sure the food is in the shade.
I use 2 hanging feeders. For me it's easier to keep them full and the girls can eat whenever they want. With two feeders everyone eats what they want and I've not had any "territory" problems.

Same with the waterers.
I always just spread it on the ground including treats. But after reading about feeders I still do that, but for now I also have a metal bowl that I put their feed in. Their run had 4 1/2 ft. drifts of snow this year so it was REAL good that I had the bowl. When we build the new coop, we will have feeders inside and I will just throw some feed and treats outside in the run.

My girls would rather eat it off the ground but I do have a feeder. I kind of do both I guess, each morning I throw a few handfuls around the run so they can be entertained by scratching for it. The feeder is always full for them as well, I figure it's just safe to have the food available to them, things happen and sometimes you get called away for a day or so, at least you know they will have a feeder to keep them satisfied if that should happen.

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