Feeding chickens chicken?

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  1. actually, chickens can get a kind of "mad chicken" disease... SO aren't supposed to feed them chicken brains... LOL. Like there'd be that much! Well anyway. I gave mine chicken fried rice the other nite that was left over... The chicken was gone before the rice was. I was like, "tastes good don't it! it might be you next time! AHAHAHAHHAHA" lol. My little boy was asking what was so funny... I didn't tell him. LOL. He's only 5. I'd hate to corrupt him so early. LOL
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    Quote:"Hoved" animals are herbavoures, veggies only. Chickens like humans are omnivours, veggies and meat. The other group are carnivours, basicly meat, dog,cat, but eat gut contents first in a kill. I do wounder about my girls, don't turn you back or they will go threw your pockets to see if you have anything to eat in there.
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    What is it that ranchhand always says? Don't get knocked unconscious in the chicken yard or you'll be next.

    Mine love meat, of any sort.
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    Chickens are omnivores and love meat. I do not feed them chicken but they occasionally find and eat chicken that was supposed to be for the cats. They even ate a whole goat carcass a few years back!
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    Hello all,

    I have a worm bin for composting, so there are weekly snacks from that....hadn't thought of growing and feeding the ladies mealworms...that could be good especially in the winter months. Tons of good ideas on this forum.

    I had a store bought chicken go rancid a few weeks back, day 2 of being in the fridge. I was MAD! Out to the garbage can it went and I called the store to complain. A few days later the can was crawling with little white chicken feed. There are holes in the top of the can so I placed it in the run and as the maggots dropped out to finish up in the dirt...gone. In essence, I fed a chicken to my chickens, it just changed form. Seems a little more natural to me to have that extra step. Granted, if you are a hunter you know that when you get a grouse, you always leave the carcass and come back in 20-30 minutes for the mate.
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    Aye my husband just gave his left over BBQ chicken leg to the chickens- its SO gross but they gobbled it like it was the greatest thing ever. I told him now they have the taste of blood and will murder us in our sleep [​IMG]

    I suppose in the wild they would be opportunistic feeders- so if they came across a dead chicken they would eat it. Lots of animals do.
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    omnivores..exactly, chickens devour baby birds too, I guess they can eat practically anything as long as it is disease free to begin with, and if you've cooked it that should help alot as well (mine like their baby birds rare)[​IMG]
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    Quote:Cannibalism is common in commercial chicken houses.

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