Feeding Chicks as they get older


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Mar 28, 2012
Hi. Right now my chicks are about two weeks old and are eating a medicated mash. At what age should I start giving them a crumble (or pellets?)? When they start eating the larger food, I need to give them grit, correct? Is there a special type of dish that I should put the grit in?

Thanks for your help. This is our first time with chicks and we are just loving them.
Welcome to the chicken side!

I feed my chicks starter crumbles from the get-go, I never do a mash. They're able to eat the crumbles from hatch. Grit is not needed for them to digest the crumbles or pellets, but if you start any other treats they'll need some--very little amounts-- to allow the food to be digested. I just either put it in a small dish or scatter it on the floor. If they were hatched by momma they'd be out pecking little stones/grit off the ground. They're very unpicky about what they eat!

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