feeding corn


10 Years
Jun 3, 2009
I was wanting to know dose feeding cracked corn to Xrocks dose it do more harm than good to them fat wise?

could someing please tell them if it make them taste is any better are not with the aid of corn with feed?

thanks sam
Just cracked corn? That doesn't provide adequate nutrients. If you're talking about corn IN the feed, I'd say the majority of your feed IS cracked corn.
thanks that is what i was wanting to know about the broiler feed is it mostly corn?
I think it's all mostly corn- at least the mill ground stuff. It's hard to tell what the little grey indistinguishable pellets that make up prebagged food are actually made of!
thats what i was thinking i cant really tell what the prebaged suff as in it.

thank sam
Because of the speed which the Cornish X grows at, a corn diet will result in many crippled birds and many deaths by heart attack. They require large amounts of vits/mins not found in plain corn. Most starters lack enough vits/mins for Cornish X--if available buy broiler feed--if not use a 22% to 28% protein chick or game bird starters until you butcher. Feed 12 hrs on and 12 hrs off with vit/min fortified water 24 hrs per day.
I have them all on flocker raiser it all i can get around here.

I just had the frist one for dinner today and it the best chicken i have ever had.


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