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    Feb 24, 2012
    I have 25 cornish rock that I have free choice fed for the 10 days I have had them. They are growing like crazy and I am considering switching their feeding schedule. They are currently on a 24% and I am about to switch them to a 18-20% feed. Is 12/12 the best alternative feeding schedule or are there others?
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    Jan 6, 2012
    You are wasting protein. A balanced diet that results in a 20% Crude protein level is high enough for now but it should go down to 18% in a week to ten days.

    A 12/12 light schedule is not recommended by any of the breeding companies that supply these bloodlines. Recommending a 12/12 schedule serves the small hatchery's purposes and not fully that of anyone else.

    Go to

    And look at page 23 for recommended lighting programs. Actually read the whole thing.
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    I've had mine on 12/12 since three weeks and it has visibly slowed their growth, however, it has definitely increased their mobility - they get up and move around and flap and sort of fail to jump a lot more. When I switched them to 12/12 they basically sat on their belly and only got up to move to the feeder or the waterer. Welp also has a chart for "feed per bird per day" and I know people who weigh it out and just open feed - if one bird gets more food than the others they sort of deal with it.
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