Feeding Dubia Roaches as treats

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9 Years
Jul 30, 2010
Harrisburg, PA
I started my colony about a year ago, after I saw how much the girls love these roaches. It is so much easier than raising mealworms. I made a video of them enjoying their roachy snack:

Good video, Henrietta is such a nice mommy!
Can she (as the largest, an Orp) swallow them whole or does she tear each one up?

I had a colony of blaptica dubias for my bearded dragon a couple of years ago, oh boy can they multiply - and yep @ feeding off the males, and you don't really need many females either.

Edit: and if you haven't tried with yours ~ those cardboard drink trays from fast food places (Wendy's, McDonald's, etc) are great for them to climb around on -and free!
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I am considering doing something like this myself.
Are these treats or are they more of staple of their diet since they are high in protein?
About how many roaches per chicken do you go through in a week?

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