Feeding Emu that's is sitting o the nest?


8 Years
Oct 6, 2011
Los Angeles Area
Does anyone provide food and water for their male Emu, while he is on the nest? I do
at least I try...giving some apples,feed.Sometimes he will eat sometimes not. I placed a bucket of water next to him just in case.
What are your experiences?
Thanks for your reply

I just feel bad for my lil guy.
At times he eats,sometimes other Emus would come and clean up the apples around him.
Other then that,he is on the nest at all times, gets up to turn them.I will go tomorrow and will try to take a pick on how many are there now. He started with 6, then we saw 7. I assume the female will lay more for him, or will she start another nest for another male? I did find another egg and pit some materials around it. So I am watching that nest now for more eggs to come.

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