Oct 19, 2017
Hello, everyone.
I have stopped keeping chickens, but I decided to start keeping again. I am addicted to these blessed creatures.
I am incubating gold partridge leghorns at the time.

I am going to divide the baby chicks into two groups.
Group A will contain the female chicks.
Group B will contain the male chicks.

Group A will be fed up with a balanced diet for their whole life.

Group B will be fed with an alternative diet, in order to make the cost of the feed lower and to achieve a slow growing and better taste.
Day 1-45: the same feed with group A
Day 46- 60: 50% developer feed, 50% chicken scratch in a mash form
Day 61 and on: chicken scratch in a mash form, marble dust (calcium), free ranging.

What shall I expect?

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