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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Bad Wolf, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    When I bought our 6 geese I thought that they would be able to forage in the front yard and eat the grass and weeds. The problem is that I have to stay with them in order for them to stay there. When I am at work they stay in the backyard with the chickens on about an acre of woods. They always have access to fresh water and grower crumble (they are 2 and 3 months old). I bring them to the farm to go in the pond daily for about an hour. They won't go in the pond unless I go in. I go in a few steps and they stay right there at my feet. I think they would probably go in if I swam out there but that's not happening! What should I do? I can't get anything done because I'm staying out front on the grass so they can eat. They like roaming through the woods and eating/playing in the dirt. Are they getting any nutrition from the stuff in the woods? Do they have to have fields or can they survive on greens and grass I can supplement with their dry food? I'm getting concerned that maybe I don't have the right home for them:( I start work again in August and won't be able to take them to the pond during the week to play and eat the greens. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!
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    Although they're fully feathered now, they're still young and act mainly like goslings. Goslings stick close to the flock and do not travel unsupervised to unknown lands - like your front yard. From 3-5 months of age, they will gradually develop an adult mindset and become way more independent and adventurous.

    But even grown geese may take their time determining a new territory safe. This forum is bursting with tales of geese not using their new pond/tub/whatever, just because it's new.

    As long as they always have access to fresh water and crumble, they should be fine.

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