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    I just found a chick, and it's my first chicken. It's not very tiny, but it's still a baby. I have no idea how old it can be. I have wild bird seed on hand and that's what I gave it, although it also had a slice of apple and nibbled on some parsley in the yard. I'm reading about starter and it seems he should have a steady supply of this. What is it and where do I get a good quality feed? I'll have to express order it to get it here fairly quickly. I live in the city and chickens are not common. So can I have some suggestions for a quality feed? Thank you.


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    What a cute chicken [​IMG] Then again...I think they are all cute...except Turkens...[​IMG] Is there anywhere you could buy the feed near you? Any TractorSupplyCo. or feed stores should have some kind of starter feed.Also,if you are feeding it birdseed make sure it has some type of grit to help it grind down the seeds.
    If you need to until you get some feed you can hard boil some eggs and mash them up for it too.(BTW,looks like a girl!)Chickens will also eat plain yogurt,fruits,veggies,grass,bugs,almost any type of leftovers....I myself prefer not to feed any meats but some do.Do not feed raw potatoes (cooked is ok)or some say no citrus fruits.It is crucial for the chicken to have access to fresh water as they drink a lot of water,little bits at a time, throughout the day.
    I hope some of this helps....
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    The best chicken feed to start with is a starter/grower medicated chick. We buy ours at fleet farm, but in 50lb bags. They also have 5lb bags as well, which would be great for a single chick. Your chick looks about 6-7 weeks old. Not sure of the breed. Could be black sex-link or black asterlop(sp).
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    Our Harvey's carries chick feed in 25 lb bags -- Harvey's is just a regular old chain grocery store, if you're not familiar. Maybe a pet store?

    You should call around; you'd be surprised how widespread chickens are. They are legal and living in NY City. At least you should be able to drive toward the country and find a feed store, I would think.

    I agree, the chick looks like she is somewhere around 7 or 8 weeks, give or take. Old enough to live outdoors or in at room temp, anyway. If you want to know the breed, check out our forum, What breed or gender is this? and see what kind of pics are needed (legs, shape of back, etc.) -- or look around that forum, you may find it. Likely breeds are Black Australorp. Jersey Giant, Black Sex Link (though sex links are a mix of two breeds) but there are others.

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