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Jul 20, 2016
Hello from the mountain!

So we have our first layer! She is an 18 week Golden Sexlink named 'Tweety'... she got her name because she is VERY vocal and she has started the very loud "egg song" after each lay :)

We also have an 18 week old Americauna named 'Lulu'... who hasn't started laying yet. Lastly we have the twins: two 11 week old Silver Laced beauties named 'Salt' and 'Pepper'... obviously not laying yet either.

We are thankful for this sight for teaching us the best way to introduce the twins to the older chicks when we first got them at 2 weeks old. It worked amazingly!

So my question today is: I know the 18 week layer needs to start eating the more advanced food besides the grow and feed, but the 11 week old twins are still on it. How should we go about this?

Thank you!!!

Mountain Hen Mama

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
You can continue feeding the whole flock with growers / starter feed and put an additional feeder out containing oyster shell - your layer will eat the oyster shell, your non-layers will not.


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