feeding laying hens medicated feed good or bad?

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    I ran out of laying pellets and I have medicated feed for my last chicks I was thinking about giving some to the hens but was curious if the eggs would be bad or if it was good for laying in protein and calcium and also can I feed it to pigeons as they were on laying feed as well?

  2. Medicated feed only contains amprolium, which treats coccidia. There no egg withdrawal time. There is a low level of calcium in chick feed.
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    You'll have to read your feed tag and see what the Active Ingredient is but in most cases Medicated feed either contains Amprolium or Lasalocid. Now there are few feed are also medicated with Bacitracin in combination with either Amprolium or Lasalocid.
    If your feed is medicated with either Amprolium, Lasalocid or Bacitracin you'll be fine because they do not enter the egg.

    Amprolium can go by the trade names Corid and Amprovine, Amprolium, Amprol, Anticoccid.
    Lasalocid can go by the trade name Bovatec.
    Bacitracin can go by the trade names Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate and BMD
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