Feeding My Birds "FRIED" bugs for treats!!!!!


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
Gumboro, Delaware
Thought I would share this for what it is worth. I love to sit outside at night in one of four of these pens and talk to the birds. With any kind of light on I am amassed in flys. About a month ago I decided to try this and it works GREAT. I have a Bug Zapper for each pen and boy does it take care of it and do the birds eat good or what
. When the bugs get zapped and fall on the ground the immediately get eaten. In the mornings I go out and shut them off and tap on the zapper and what is inside falls on the ground and there is a mad rush to get the fallings
. Also, the light on at night activated the cd's I have hanging from trees with fishing line and the reflections help keep predators away.

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There is a compartment in the bottom that you put skeeter attractor in. It comes with the unit. It gets skeeters during the day as well. It is called a Stinger 40 and it comes from Lowes and is $37 and change.

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