Feeding peafowl and hatching question

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by okiepastorl.com, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Oct 20, 2009
    Can peafowl be fed raw soybeans as a protein extra?
    I used to let my ducks, geese and chickens run in the bean fields after harvest, but cannot find any information on feeding them to peafowl!
    Does anyone out there raise crickets or mealworms for their peas?
    We just got 23 birds quite suddenly when the opportunity arose and are in a learning curve.
    We still do not know what colors we have for certain, as there were IBs, black shoulders and whites all running together--over 100 birds--and it was just a "take what we catch for you" situation! So we have all ages, and so far, we are not sure if we have white eyes, splits, etc......when the sun comes out, we will take pics and post in the hope someone can help us with colors!
    We are so excited, as I have waited 55 years to have peafowl [​IMG]
    Building pens today and tomorrow. Most of the birds are living with a friend who had a BIG pen already and will be hatching the eggs in the spring and summer. I kept two pair here, but will sell one male soon as I figure out which one I am keeping!
    Does anyone hatch the eggs under their chicken hens? I have lots of setting hens. What is the usual hatch % if you do it that way?

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    congratulations on your new family [​IMG])
    There is a wealth of information on peafowl online. The United Peafowl Assoc is at www.peafowl.org and our forum is at www.upaforum.com.

    Yes you can feed soybeans. My pheasants like it more than the peafowl... but they really love it if it has sprouted... I just use it as a treat. their main diet should be pellets.

    As for hatching.... peachicks have a way of disappearing. chickens will hatch the peachicks fine... but remove the babies and raise them yourself for a better survival rate. Peachick are not as hearty as chicken chicks.
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    yes, alot of breeders start their peafowl eggs under chicken then move to incubator.

    I think the main thing is to raise the peachicks on wire. Even if you use a broody hen, keep them off the ground,and feed a medicated game or turkey starter.
  4. okiepastorl.com

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    Oct 20, 2009
    Thank you all for your responses. I do appreciate it.
    I know they are more fragile, so I definitely plan to take the peachicks away at hatching and raise them on wire. I think it might be easier to let the chicken hens do the work of hatching, as I know many people who have never hatched one single peachick in an incubator, and I do not want to "waste" precious eggs!

    There is a LOT to read, and I am working my way through the information as I have time. I found a site in England with lots of info, the UPA site and others.

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