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5 Years
Sep 15, 2014
My coops are small and I wasn't satisfy with the smaller feeders. I went and bought a 30 lb feeder for my flock which seemed to fit my needs. But after the first couple of nights I saw that it was attracting mice and rats and would also have some problems with the rains later on and our mild winters. Therefore, I decided to build a feeding station to shelter the feeder.
As you see from the pictures, There are 3 doors, the main one on the front swings down as a ramp and rests on the brick so that the knob doesn't get damaged.The upper front door is kept closed except to remove the feeder fro cleaning, etc. The top of the station is on a piano hinge like the front main door and swings up so I can add more feed to the feeder. I have the top on a 30% angle to better repel rain. Non-skid tape is the black surfaces you see and all of the wood was oiled.The non-skid surface was to help the birds and assumed that they would want to jump onto it as well. Cabinet clasps are used to secure the doors.
For me this works nicely and the clean up is easy. I have a child's play shovel to scoop back the spilled feed from the ramp and a clean paint brush to help with it. I am no carpenter, but I think I did a decent job with this.


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