feeding your birds their poop

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  1. ozexpat

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    After reading the following website, http://www.feedipedia.org/node/66

    Quote: Fresh poultry manure is about 30% crude protein on a dry basis, about half of which derives from uric acid. For ruminants the digestibility of the crude protein is close to 80% and that of the organic matter about 65%. Poultry manure is also rich in minerals, which makes further mineral supplementation of rations containing dried poultry manure unnecessary.

    In poultry diets it has been found that dried poultry manure can be included up to 5% for broilers, up to 20% for Leghorns and up to 40% for layers without adversely affecting production; however, feed efficiency was inversely proportional to the amount included in the diet.
    No difference in performance of young pullets and layers when sun-dried poultry waste was compared to oven-dried (Coligado et al., 1982). Frequency of collection of broiler litter was not found to effect intake or digestion in cattle that it was fed (Wang et al., 1998). High ash content of poultry litter needs to be considered when using it in the formulation of diets. Aflotoxin content was reduced in poultry litter when it was deep stacked (Jones et al., 1996). Poultry litter was found to be a viable supplemental crude protein source for broilers (Bagley et al., 1996). As the level of poultry dried waste increased (10 to 30 %) in the diets of broilers there was a decrease in body weight gains and feed conversion (Martin et al., 1985).

    Has anyone had experience to feeding poop to birds?
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    I remember reading a link on here about the legal amount of bovine excreta that can be fed to broilers in the US, I was pretty staggered at the %. I can't recall the exact figure but I do recall thinking "Wow...that's A LOT OF POOP!"
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    I first read about it when looking into making silage for my water buffalo from sugar cane tops - it recommended adding poultry poop.

    I have access to a lot of free sugar cane byproducts
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    Sep 7, 2013
    Green forest Arkansas
    I want my birds healthy not unhealthy I care about animals the same as people
  5. ozexpat

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    i think all of us feel that way.

    many animals eat poop in their natural environment

    birds do eat the poop of other animals as well as the maggots that go with the poop.
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