Feel like I'm being watched


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So what's for dinner? Chicken or the spaghetti?

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Were they close to your chickens? Did you shoo them away, I don't like vultures...
Unless they are roadkill themselves.

We have some that hang around our area of the county, I see them at the cow pasture out back all the time...
I was curious if they would attacked my chickens. I had the shotgun out in the yard with me if the even came close to making a move I'd wack them. They roosted for a while then flew off. I don't believe they would try to kill them unless the chickens were injured or in some sad state of health. I asked a neighbor and he said the same thing. The ole buzzard does serve a valuable service its a shame that its overlooked so easily. You know what they remind me of when I see a tree full? The IRS organization chart:lol:
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we have a lot turkey vultures around here(though I've never seen them roosting on my property like that)
and I don't worry too much about them because it's my understanding that they're carion feeders, they don't attack or kill live prey
I discovered a dead doe across the road which accounts for the presence the last few days. Bow season is open I think and she was probably one that didn't make it to the stew pot.
We have a great flock of these nearby. I'll never forget finding their feathers - HUGE. We see them all over the countryside and I personally love them.

They may spook your chickens a little with their gangly walk and looking about, but they will not harm them at all. I'm personally grateful for turkey vultures - they are the thankless janitors of the roads and lands and were for some reason dealt a face that only a mother could love

I know they don't actually kill prey but they scare me more than anything. I wouldn't shoot 1, but I would find a way to shoo them away. Better safe than sorry, especially when they're gawking at my chicks or small dogs.
Turkey vultures will not attack/eat your chickens unless they are already dead. I kind of like them because they keep my birds on their toes looking for real threats from above.
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Yep... true... Vultures are carcass eaters....nothing alive, only dead things... They are watching over your chickens... Kinda a nice big harmless bird to stand guard.
Hope your right I have 6 of them in a tree right above my coop. Eyeing my chickens.Their safe though.I must live in the capital for vultures. I've counted 50 or more while deer hunting on our property.

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