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10 Years
Mar 4, 2009
South Eastern NH
I just made an appt to have my little chicken put down. Yes I know I am crazy to spend $30 to have a chicken PTS but I can't bring myself to do it myself. I feel awful.

Her leg sticks out to the side, it's not paralyzed that I know of because her toes can still move? She is losing her feathers and is quite bald on her belly and back. She is still eating and drinking fine. I tried to make a splint type thing for her leg but it didn't work. She is in my garage in a small cage with food and water. When she really tries to move she loses her balance and falls and ends up flopping around. I can't let her keep going on like this.
I'm so sorry
I had a 3 day old chick once that my 2 year old son snuck out of bed at night to "play" with.... he had broken it's legs and it was barely moving.... it was HORRIBLE, especially since my son didn't understand at his age what was wrong... but I couldn't bring myself to put it down either.... I didn't pay any money though, my mom's boyfriend was nice enough to do it for me. I know how you feel though, it's terribly sad... I hope you feel better
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I just bought a RIR pullet that was 14 weeks old like that. She was in a pen with all the other chicks and seemed close to starving and was constantly being walked on. I actually bought her from the people so I could take her to the vet and have her put to sleep. You are doing the right thing. Thank you for taking care of her.
It kills me because she was normal and then just one day she was lame on her leg and then it started going out to the side. She's not that old and I've barely had her that long. I didn't think I would like a chicken so much. She was remarkably calm when I tried to put a little splint on her leg, just layed there on her side in my lap.
I am so sorry about this, I am sure you did everything that was possible for your little chicken.
Where she is now She can run an chase crickets and those big fat junebugs and catch them too! hope you feel better!
I'm very sorry for your little chicken. I'm like you, I couldn't do it either. I know you love her very much. They are very easy to become attached to. I hope you will feel better soon. I agree with what cochinbantam said, how true. Here's another
for you.
I'm very sorry to hear about your hen.

If you get a chance, I hope your vet can look at her and tell you what's going on. it might save other lives in your flock.

In the mean time, big hugs. It's always sad when one is lost.
It could be a badly slipped tendon and/or fracture. From experience of my own, that is so very hard to treat. I did, and do, have one that had her leg amputated when it was fractured, had joint infection and tendon damage. She needs a lot of accomodations and can only be with certain other chickens. She leads a hard life and I honestly don't think I would do it again. As long as I can keep her life comfortable and meet her needs so that she can lead as quality of life as she is able, I will keep her around. But, I wouldn't do it again, just too hard. She cannot stand, flops about or braces with her wings. When she declines, I will probably make the same decision you are. You are doing the right thing.

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