Female attacking male?? And when to expect eggs?


Mar 11, 2010
Hi, so I just bought a male while homer to join with my single hen (her previous mate died) along with some other breeds. For the past week she has been my only pigeon so when I brought in the new pigeons she was very excited. She's been sticking especially close to the other white homer. After a few hours I even saw her trying to put her beak in his mouth but he kept shaking her away. So then tonight I went to lock each pair of pigeons into a nest box because I want to be sure they pair up in the pairs I want. When I put the two white homers together the female immediately started going after the male. I'm not sure if it was more of a mating thing or the female being dominate over the male who was now in her territory. Basically she kept pinning him against the wall and pecking his head. I don't think she could actually hurt him as she is on the small side and hes on the big side and he is completly submissive to her. Should I try putting them together again tomorrow or just let it play out between them without locking them in together? Has anyone had anythin similar to this happen were the birds you want to pair up don't get along?
I was also wonder about two old frills I also just bought. They are my only birds that aren't homers. I'm wondering how long I should keep them enclosed before I can release them and expect them to come back? I've read 1 - 2 months for fancy breeds, is this true?
And lastly, I'm was wondering when I could expect these pairs to lay eggs? I just got them today and they are all adults.
Thanks! :)
Pigeons can scalp each other to death so I would be careful....I would watch them closely and if you want certain pairs to bond keep them together and do not let them out until they have bonded. If she keeps picking on him keep them separate but close and were they can see each other and only each other until they get used to each other then put them in together.
I always just keep new birds enclosed for two weeks and have never had a problem no matter what breed but if you what to be safe a month should be fine...When the pair bond about a week or two for eggs
Thanks for the advise, I'm hoping they will be fine because outside of the nest box they are fine just once he enters her nest box she gets upset. I'm going to try putting them in a new box tomorrow because I think she might be agressive because this box is already her terrotory from when she was with her previous mate

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