Female call duck questions


7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
II have 2 female call ducks and one of them had problems from the day I got them at 2 weeks old. This morning I discovered an egg in their cage, I'm not sure which one laid it but now one of them (Wiggles is her name) is acting lethargic and is shaking a little bit and won't do anything except lay down. She is eating and drinking. Is this normal after laying an egg ? She is about 6 months old. I read that they can be lethargic after laying. If she's not doing better by tomorrow I'm going to take her to the vet. Just wondering if anyone had any answers or opinions for me. Thanks!
That's not a reaction I've seen in any of my calls. Stay sitting on an egg/nest for a few hours, yes. But ot what you've described.
What problems have you had?
Right after I got her I had to take her to the vet because she wasn't eating, had poor posture and a runny nose, she had a weeks worth of anti biotics and got over it, 2 weeks after that she had a seizure but that's the only one I've seen, and then she got her wing caught and now it hangs down. She's a little more active this afternoon. I picked her up and felt her lower abdomen and I can feel an egg. After I rubbed her belly for a while she seemed to walk around a lot more but not as much as she usually does. She's normally pretty lazy but not like this.

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