female ducks, drakes, and geese need homes!!!

fatty and friends

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May 27, 2020
we are trying to help a flock of dumped ducks and geese, they are in mesquite texas. we could arrange transportation for probably all around the united states though. there is pekin, khaki campbell, and rouen ducks. also quite a few white geese (i don’t have geese and am not sure of breed) please comment below if you can help transport, can adopt (free), or can help catch!!
Roughly how many birds are there? I live a little north of Houston and could possibly help adopt ducks/geese into my flock.
message me on instagram (@fatty_and_friends) and say “could i have more information on the dumped ducks and geese” so it’s easy for me to find your message. the person who has been feeding them said they are friendly!

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