Female Goose gone lame ? Please someone help me !!!!


7 Years
Mar 29, 2012
Ok to catch everyone up on my situation. I have a pair of Bar headed Geese that I got last week from a guy in Atlanta Ga. Everything was fine up until this past weekend. I noticed that the female was acting funny, so i walked around in the pen behind her and she got up and as she was walking " seemed as if she tripped/ she almost look like she skidded across the ground" If that makes sense. I thought ok her leg is hurt. I have a small kiddy pool in there, and I was thinking that she slipped off the side and strained her leg or something. Heres what concerns me, when she takes her time she gets around, i do see her drinking and picking at SOME food. Not sure how much she is injesting though. But when she moves to quickly she just kinda skids forward and her legs tuck behind her or out to the side. Guy at the feed store said is sounded like coccidiosis.

So I called the man I got them from and asked all the important questions on how they were kept, feed, shelter etc. He then told me he has had exotics for years, and some electrolytes-vitamins/ tetramycin ? " i think i mispelled that" and put it in their water for about a week. wouldn't hurt them, and surely would help with intestinal problems. He also said he thought it might have been parasitic, or vitamin defficency thats causing her to go lame. So I started them on this today. I have 1 gallon of the electrolytes, and 1 gallon of the vitamins.

Also: Go with me on this one. Anyone ever experience a hen chicken that a rooster has bred to much or he was to heavy, and her back seems to be out. They act odd, like they can't walk good, and then after alittle while they are good again. She acts like that, but i don't think the gander has tried to breed her to make her like that.

Anyone that can help me please tell me something to do. These are rare birds, and I certainly don't wont to loose them.

Had a similar issue with ducks in the past. If it's vitamin deficiency - a dose of liquid vitamin B complex, multi vitamins and niacin in the water and higher protein feed (gamebird or turkey) has worked quickly for me, usually within 1 to 3 days. I've had just the B complex and feed work too when I didn't have the other stuff on hand. Botulism or injury are possibilities so you can try the antibiotics too just in case to prevent infection. It won't hurt. I wouldn't think cocci unless you saw bloody poop. I'm not even sure geese can get cocci?? Plus he is probably thinking of Merricks disease -where birds often have partial paralysis.
Today is day three of the vitamins/ electolytes. She has made vast improvements. Now walking around the cage with the gander and keeping up without tripping and even roosting on top of a brick instead of the ground.

Just yesterday I could tell she was somewhat better but still stiff legged. I hope she comes out of this sooner than later. Anyone know how I can keep this from happening further ?

Thanks for the help....

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