female ronenan 4 months old

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by laura29532, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. laura29532

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    Jul 18, 2016
    I went out tonight to coupe my chickens and ducks. The ducks have started mating at four months old.!
    I found my big female roenan duck laying up against the pool ( 80 gallon cattle tub) in the shade, she hobbled and fell when I went to see what was the matter..Her foot looks crippled like, shes favoring it, won't put weight on it..
    I brought her inside, put her in a large plastic tote box, with hay and food and water. she seems to be doing some
    better although she doesn't want to put a lot of weight on it..I filled the bath tub with about 4" of cool water, she was
    swimming around enjoying it, quacking away, shaking her tail in delight..she's very friendly and loves water.
    How do I tell if its broken.? Can she stay in the water for long amounts of time.? How long does it take something
    like that to heal.? should I keep her away from the other five ducks.? I would appreciate any help you can give..
    Do they make duck vets.?
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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    [​IMG] How many drakes do you have? Ducks are frequently injured when multiple drakes try to breed them at the same time.
  3. laura29532

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    Jul 18, 2016
    I have a pair of Pekings, four months old. a pair of Roenan (sp).? and a pair of Mallards.
    I just noticed The Male Roenan just started mating with the female Peking a few days ago.
    and this afternoon when I went out noticed the female Roenan laying by the pool..at first
    I thought she fell off the ramp going up to the pool, maybe he was chasing her around.?
    He's a frisky little fool..lol I brought her in the house, made her a box, she's eating and pooping normal.
    She loves the water, so I put her in about 4" of cool water in the bathtub. She hisses when I go to take her out.!!
    Her foot looks a little better now. she has it next to her body, but still doesn't care to step on it too much.
    she has her foot spread out more in the water too..does not want me touching it however..will it hurt to leave her
    in the water for long periods of time.? I'm new to the duck raising..I bought them all as babies, 3 days old..:)
  4. laura29532

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    Jul 18, 2016
    a quick update on mamma ducks foot..she seems to be healing nicely. not walking on the foot, but able to
    put a little weight on it today, she has her foot spread open now like her good foot..YAY..!!
    you were right Broody Magician..she had been chased, just getting away from Bob, my Peking duck, I think she did just
    twist it or sprain it..:( I might have to separate the Peking pair..although their not that much bigger, I think she was
    not ready to breed just yet..Bob is very pushy duck...spoiled rotten, he doesn't like to share, I give them frozen peas,
    green cut beans,( thawed) and fresh kale for snacks, Bob likes to bite anyone that gets near the snacks..I've had to seperate
    snack piles..!!! Thanks for your help..
    any ideas as to this happening again.? I'm guessing her foot will be weak for quite a long time, I'm keeping her in another pen away from the three
    drakes, but she can see them thru the chain link fence. I want her to heal good first a few months.
  5. Miss Lydia

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    Great news she is healing and very good idea to keep her safe while she continues to heal. While she is healing maybe you should consider getting more females at least 2-4 to each drake or re home some of your drakes. They can really injure or kill females with over mating.

    @laura29532 Welcome to BYC!!
  6. Do you have all the Ducks in the same pen?
    If so? It should be one Drake to 3 to 6 hens. Once mature they are buggers fighting for the ladies and sometimes its one poor hen that gets all the loving....Re think your set up...Drakes fight for hens. I have mine split up one Drake per three hens.
    Hope that helped?
  7. laura29532

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    Jul 18, 2016
    thanks for your suggestions..wish the guy at the feed store had told us that when we picked them up..ugh.!
    the three grand children were so excited to pick out their own ducks. each chose a pair, now I am learning first hand some
    people aren't really in it for anything other than the money..!! learning as I go..:)
    today my husband and I are extending the fence, to make more room for the three females and only one male..
    we are building a new pond as well on an old cement slab under the trees. it will be awesome when finished, I have a
    fountain ready to go and about 8 ft square swim room we bricked in..adding some water lilies and live plants..
    now to build another nesting spot for these guys..:) I got my work cut out for sure..but I sure love it..:)
    question: I wanted to separate the Peking pair, wanted baby Pekings..do you think the pair of rouens and mallards
    would be good until I can add some more females.? they are both a lot smaller than the Peking pair..

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