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13 Years
Jan 18, 2010
Grants Pass, OR
My girls are free rangers in a great area of our property. The issue of late is that our oldest about 2 years and the young'ns, 9 weeks
are hopping the fence. It is short so I guess it is amazing they haven't until now.
They seem to be coming to greet, who ever has just arrived home. I'm sure for the expected treat.
However who knows how many times they are out during the day while we are not home.
We have some dog issues from time to time so is there any suggestions on how to make a short fence taller with out a lot of expense. Is there such a thing like chicken hot wire fence.
Thank you for any suggestions.
I don't know if I can explain this one or not, but I'll try. It worked for me.

If you take some stiff wire, say three feet wide. (width you can use depends on how stiff it is) Overlap it a bit with the top of your fence. Attach the bottom of the new wire about a foot below the top of your existing fence. Then attach it again to the very top of the fence. I don't know what your fence looks like, but it needs to be a fairly tight connection. I used J-clips to put the wire together. You could probably use hog rings or just weave wire between the openings. But it needs top needs to be a tight fit. If you have a top rail, even better. Attach it firmly to that.

The stiffness of the wire will cause it to stay self-supporting if it is firmly attached. You do not have a solid top of the the fence so they do not have a place to fly up and land, so they tend to not try to fly out. A lot of times if you have a solid top rail, they will fly up there to perch and who knows which side they will fly down.

If a raccoon or something tries to climb over it, the wire will bend back under their weight and make it harder for them to get in. It does not make it predator proof, but makes it a little more predator resistant.

Hope you can make sense of this.

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