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    Aug 25, 2018
    Hi yall, how high do you think a fenced in run should be that has no top. I want to let the ladies into a new area of untouched grass but I do have coyotes. So I was thinking during the day, when I'm working outside, they could free range into this area, but I dont want to fully enclose it.

    I was thinking a fenced in area so they don't wander into the woods, but how high does a fence need to be for a chicken to recognize it as a barrier. I have an Ameraucana, 4 Polish, and a large orpington, if that helps. Yes they all fly i realize that.
  2. RoosterML

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    6’ to play it safe. Some can clear a 4’ fence
  3. aart

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    How big will the area be?
    What materials will fence be?
    Will it be permanent or temporary/movable?
    That area won't be 'new' for long...depending on how big and how many birds they can tear up the ground pretty quickly.
    Much can depend on how badly they want to get out, they may have no problem staying in for the first few days or even weeks.

    ...and some can clear 6' ;)
  4. Benderb15

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    My birds easily cleared my 4' chain link fence. The area was big enough though they normally stayed within its borders.

    I have heard 5' and 6' fence ideas, although the taller the better. Look into the "wobble" fence theory. The theory is to make the fence top so that it is not sturdy. The theory behind it is that the birds will not attempt to land on it if its not strong enough to support them. They tend to jump and land on the fence, then jump off it onto the other side.
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    Mine can clear 6'. You'd need something on top like what Benderd15 mentioned, to make it so they can't land and then jump over.
  6. yickenscarf23

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    Oct 24, 2018
    Mine is 4 feet and they don't try to go get out but they absolutely can. I definitely recommend to go higher and put a top on if possible

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