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    Hello everyone!

    My girls are getting/got an upgrade. Sort of, the coop is an upgrade, going from 4 x 8 x 4 to an 8 x 8 x 8. They are used to my 75' x 50' chain link yard, which they have full access, however they are destroying it. Therefore, they are getting an enclosed run about 8' x 16' where they cannot destroy my landscaping and yard.

    Here is a picture of the old coop:


    Here are some pictures of the new coop. The girls (and 1 roo) were moved in yesterday because they are destroying everything that is in my yard as it is very damp and easily dug. The coop still needs trim work and some functions but it was basic enough that they could get moved in to prevent more damage.

    20190324_194629.jpg 20190323_132953.jpg

    A am looking for a couple ideas. I am currently using a heated nipple waterer. Any suggestions for a more permanent solution for summer waterer? As i do not need the heat element and would like to put less wear on the expensive waterer. Also, i am using a homemade 5g bucket w/ 3" 90's as a feeder. Any suggestions for a build in feeder that can hold 20+ #'s of food? Or would you suggest using the same feeder.

    Anyone else have permanent mounted calcium feeder and/or grit?

    Thanks everyone for your critiques! Items are still fresh and can definitely be modified!

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  2. Alaskan

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    I would just put a rubber pan of water in the run :confused: but then I am pretty low tech.

    Exactly what you have... but make it bigger. So do that again but on a trashcan, with maybe 4 ports.

    I have a trashcan sized one. I can leave it in the run and the feed stays dry. It holds over 50# of feed. About 75 pounds of feed.

    I just took a small rubber bowl and screwed it to the side wall of the coop.

    They have little metal feed hoppers for rabbits at my local farm and garden store that I always thought might work for oyster shell for chickens.
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    Nice coop!
    Wonder about the lack of roof overhang on the 2 sides tho,
    looks like weather(rain/snow) could get in there
    (might be an optical illusion in the pics tho).

    5 gal bucket should hold pretty close to 20# of feed.

    I just remove the heater from my waterer in summer.
    What type of heated waterer do you have, maybe just unplug it?

    Grit I just toss on the ground with the scratch every once in awhile.
    This is what I use for oyster shell, have a couple of them:
  4. Alaskan

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    Spify oystershell feeder.
  5. trumpeting_angel

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    Feb 6, 2019
    I see your chickens feel guilty about the yard. They seem to be huddled on the roost, ashamed.

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    They did not like me taking them one by one to move them. The last one, miss queen bee, gave me a run for my money... literally.
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    Nice upgrade!
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    Very nice coop, a definite upgrade!
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  9. Sequel

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    That looks terrific! It'll be great to have your yard back and you can always dump leaves and weeds in their run to keep them occupied.
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  10. Benderb15

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    Do you always open you run no matter the weather? Do you have a different option for feed inside the coop if this happens?

    No Optical illusion, there is no over hang on the one side. This is something i have to address as the run side will have partial roof and did not think about the door end.

    I have a built in heated nipple waterer. Not sure if nipplers go bad often?

    This is a cool idea for the oyster shells. As for the grit, is it a schedule or just random?

    Thank you! That brings up another question. What is the general consensus on run material other than full sand?

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