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Aug 22, 2011
Vancouver, WA
Could someone check out my page and let me know if I can run 3 feet of 1/2" hardware cloth up the sides of the run and then use something with larger spaces above that. Also if I put one of the corrugated fiberglass roofing panels as the top section of the run-sides would that keep out predators if well screwed in? Any opinions would be appreciated.....
Looks like you have a good solid base plate. I`ve never understood the phylosophy behind hardware cloth at the bottom of the run wire. Do you lock your birds in the coop at night? Just when are these predators gonna reach through the wire and be able to catch a chicken? Certainly not in the daylight when a chicken can see well. If they are locked up at night, the hardware cloth on the run is useless. Even those who bury an apron of hardware colth, what good does that do? Do they think something will dig through 2 X 4 welded wire and get their birds day or night? I think not. I would use the 2 X 4 stuff that nothing can dig through. Your setup may not even need that. Whatcha need to be concerned about is a secure top on your run to keep out raptors. If your coop is secure, you`re set. Good luck.......Pop
Thanks Pop. I was just concerned about fence side of the run and if I forget to lock them in at night I want a secure area for them due to the amount of possums and raccoons.. Better safe than sorry.
Well, ya know, they will be in the coop, even if you forget. They always roost on or near the same spot. Sooo, if your run is secure from diggers and climbers, they should be fine as nothing can reach them in the coop, even if it`s open.......Pop
A raccoon will get in and eat them all. I did my entire run in chicken wire. I buried it and covered the entire top.
They were getting in a small opening above the door. There were to of them and I cought them in my coop and the only way
I figured out where they were getting in was I found hair on the wire. They ate 25 of my birds before I fixed the problem.
It needs to be critter proof.
Our fencing around the run, hardware and chicken wire is buried about 6 inches all
the way around. The hardware cloth surrounding the
base of the coop is also buried at least 6 inches and
secured with concrete. It's covered with just chicken
wire. We haven't had any problems with any critters, so far.
Gosh, I hope I didn't just jinx myself.
We utilize the clear corrugated roofing panels for our coops. Have never had an issue with a predator ripping it up. I'm sure it'll work just fine for your run too! Just make sure you have a bit of overhang on all sides so that it makes it that much more difficult for a predator to reach in through the raised sections or from finding a way in through by squeezing in through it somehow. Add some spacing bracers too for support.


Just my 2-cents worth, but I would think the hardware cloth on the bottom with chicken wire on top would be most advantageous. Yes, the coons can still climb up, but they won't be able to have leverage to break the chicken wire like they would if it were on the bottom half too.

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