Fertile Eggs in Winter?


Aug 24, 2018
West Virginia
So, my female Pekin (Pato) will be 8 months soon! She’s just laid two eggs. We’re not using them for meat, eggs, or anything. Our ducks are like family. Anywho, we’d like to hatch babies... successfully. It’s winter here and often reaches 20 degrees Fahrenheit. She’s laid them in a box, with bedding (Pine Shavings). She has two drakes (it’s only her, and two drakes... we’re trying to find female ducks to fix the ratio!) Is it likely they’re fertile, and if they are should we remove them? We don’t have an incubator... as we didn’t think she’d lay until spring. Any advice or “good lucks” appreciated!

Very excited she laid eggs, though! :ya


8 Years
Jul 26, 2014
Have you seen them breeding? How old are your males? It's not really breeding season right now, but it's still possible for her eggs to be fertile. So, since it's winter and not an appropriate time for hatching ducklings, I would suggest removing the eggs. You can wait until she finishes the clutch and starts to sit, though (if she sits at all; not all domestic ducks will sit, plus she is still very young and inexperienced so might not do anything with them just yet).

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