Fertile Eggs OK to eat?

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    All of my hens have fertile eggs, because our roo is busy...but lately a broody hen has been sitting on them all day (I collect daily most of the time...every other day on weekends) and so when I collect they are very warm...I marked these particular eggs with a sharpie pen (F) so I know they are the ones that got particularlly warm....and I plan to crack them in a separate bowl just incase something looks funky....but curious if there are any signs I should look for that indicate "DO NOT EAT" (like runny yoke, feathers [​IMG] etc...)

  2. i eat those eggs pretty much every day! any that have been sat on by a broody for more than a few hours i keep for myself instead of selling to customers. i'd probably go so far as to eat one that had been sat on for about a day. more than that and it'd really depend. when you crack the egg, you may see some vasculature starting to form, but they should still be fine to eat. it's a personal call more than anything.
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    It takes more than a few hours of being sat on for a fertile egg to develop. If it has been under your hen for a few days it may start to develop and you would see veining. Other than that fertile eggs are the same as any other egg.
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    What NoseyChickens said.

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