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    May 22, 2009
    So I used to have a roo in the summer, even though I bought sexed chicks--still had a 10% chance of getting a roo. We did and he started crowing so we had to get rid of him because he was not allowed in our neighborhood. I had gotten a few fertile eggs during that last month we had him, so I know what they look like when you break them open. So we got rid of our roo the first week of August. I have only had 1 laying girl all fall, and now in the past few days, it looks like almost all of her eggs are fertile???!!! How is this possible? I have 2 older hens that layed all fall while my chicks were still growing, so I know for sure they are girls. And I have 2 of my chicks that are now grown, 1 laying. The other has never laid an egg, but it has a crossed beak so I figured it grew slower and has been slower to develop. It has not crowed, to my knowledge. The 2 older girls are Aurucanas, and the cross beak is an Aurucana, and they all look very similar, so I don't really think the cross beak from my spring round of chicks is a roo. But the eggs have the "bullseye". Can my chicken still be giving fertile eggs from the roo that has been gone since August?

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    In a word, no. If they are truly fertile, you have a rooster in the henhouse.
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    If your run is not covered, you may have a visitor when your back is turned. You know how us males are. Everyone in the area may not be like you and sent the roo away.

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