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    Mar 1, 2014
    Hello. I am actually from Illinois, about 30 miles west of Vincennes. I am having trouble finding hatching eggs that I can buy locally. I have tried shipping eggs, but you lose about 50% on viability. The last batch I ordered shipped from Tennessee. They were shipped to me through Chicago. That is about 4 hours drive north of me. I suspect that added about 2 days to the shipping in 20 degree weather. I am beginning to think I would rather drive a couple of hours and pick eggs up from someone's farm. I am looking for rhode island red and black ausrtalorp eggs. Is there anyone in Indianna selling these in the Vincennes or Evansville area. I am thinking a 4 hour trip in a climate controlled car would be much better than a 4 to 6 days of shipping sups or ups.

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